C2r Product Development Group, Inc.


C2rPDG’s staff of experienced and talented Engineers and Designers sets the industry standard for excellence in product development. We use the latest technology to maximize value and efficiency while minimizing development time. Our focus on the details for each of your programs will ensure a successful product design using a proven process. Whether it’s the development of a new product or the optimization of an existing production design for product improvement or cost reduction, we can provide you with the highest level of experience and the best overall value in product development.


At C2rPDG we utilize a host of 3D CAD tools to meet our clients needs for maintaining designs in their native formats. Currently we offer development work in the latest versions of Solidworks, Pro-Engineer and Catia. Our design engineers develop models using best practices to maintain the industrial design intent as well as ensuring they can be easily modified, updated or changed without requiring significant rework.

Detailing and documentation are a very important part of every development program. Design Engineers generate 2D drawings that are associative to the parametric 3-D models. The associative relationship between the 3D models and 2D drawings drives automatic revisions. This allows for a streamlined process between iterative design revisions and engineering drawing documentation.


Our engineering group has access to, and utilizes a suite of analysis solutions to simulate, investigate, and optimize a product’s performance prior to manufacturing, to ensure that designs will meet and exceed our customer’s exacting specifications. Analysis tools and services are in higher demand by our clients as a method to verify and optimize new designs prior to production and manufacturing. These results are also used as a benchmarking and validation tool to compare existing product designs against new innovations that include materials and processes.

reverse engineering

C2rPDG utilizes the latest 3D scanning equipment and reverse engineering software to support our clients needs for faster product development. We provide our clients with data sets used to verify part designs, overlay data to compare production parts to CAD models and as a means for reference in modeling complex and free form geometries to accurately capture design intent.

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