C2r Product Development Group, Inc.

industrial design

C2rPDG’s industry recognized, award-winning creative team collaborates with clients to develop user centric, manufacturable designs that have bleeding edge visual appeal. C2rPDG has a proven track record for providing innovative and relevant solutions that exceed expectations. We help define the undefined objectives and turn them into a physical or visual representations that delight the end user while maintaining the overall intent of brand vision.

We start with generating ideas around a particular need, a want, and/or a gap in the market. These ideas come in the form of descriptive words, found images, doodles on a napkin. Whatever allows for a jumping off point that generates more thoughts, interpretations and feelings to be documented for future development.

We use a variety of tools to create and refine the idea into a physical or visual representation. We sketch, mock up, test, sketch again, build Computer Aided Industrial Design models, sketch again, modify, and refine until we have a viable direction to present.

Developing 3-D surface concept ideas are an accurate and volumetrically correct representation that can be viewed from multiple angles. These models capture the overall design intent for each concept and can be quickly adapted to changing parameters and considerations. We can transfer this CAD data into Engineering very efficiently as all the aesthetic details can be referenced and replicated in the Engineering model. We also use these models for realistic renderings showing the full aesthetic of the product in a suitable environment. These show the vision of your product in the early stages of development.

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