C2r Product Development Group, Inc.

tooling and manufacturing

C2rPDG can assist you with implementing your engineered designs into production. Because tooling and manufacturing are critical parts of every development program, it takes time and successful projects to gain that level of trust. We have an established and successful track record for helping our clients at every step in the product  development process with the ultimate goal being product manufacturing at the best quality and cost. Our value is in providing your team with extended capabilities to leverage and manage global resources to help ensure the success of every program.

tooling and manufacturing

Our goal is to establish long term business relationships with our clients as well as our domestic and international suppliers. We feel it is extremely important to have these relationships throughout the development process. It is key for our vendors to have buy-in on critical areas in order to maintain design intent without sacrificing cost or extending the timeline. Whether we work with your existing supplier network or leverage ours, you can be assured that our focus is improving your bottom line and doing what is best for the program.

In conjunction with our tooling and manufacturing, C2rPDG can provide end to end services that fulfill your needs for product completion. These services include project management, working on behalf of our clients with industry partners to fully certify products to meet UL/ETL/CE/CSA standards, packaging design and production, graphics layout, bar coding, assembly, logistical support and delivery of product to your door or distribution center.

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