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Fish Tape


Ergonomics in design is a very prevalent and important part of tool design. Product styling, user interaction, strain evaluation and ease of functionality are key to delivering a product that will sell today and maintain market share for years to come. From initial concept drawings we developed the engineered CAD models, prototypes and product documentation for this family of fish tape tools offering (2) sizes which are sold through distributorships and hardware chains.

The overall goal of the program was to produce a single design for each size fish tape that could be molded from the specified resin materials for an OPP (opening price point) unit and to use the same molds with inserts to then produce an overmolded HPP (high price point) offering that included a soft grip TPE on the handles and main center grip wheel. A true testament to the capabilities and focus of the development team to meet all project goals on a very tight timeline and budget.



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