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The L&G (lawn & garden) products market has become a very cost competitive, feature driven consumer segment over the past few years. The ever increasing need for new product looks, neat features and ergonomics combined with the use of new material offerings and manufacturing processes makes this a very interesting and ever changing market.

As one of many development projects over the years for L&G and hand held products from leaf blowers and string trimmers, to chain saws and lawn tractors C2rPDG offers the experience and capabilities to quickly design new products for this business segment. L&G is one of those product segments that offers a great opportunity for designers there are so many different components, materials, manufacturing processes and need for ergonomics and consumer acceptance, all wrapped into a single product.

This leaf blower program was a ground up design with the focus on a new look and feel. Our involvement in the program consisted of taking the ID concepts and developing manufacturable/moldable CAD models and assemblies along with prototyping to validate the design.



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