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Our client came to us with an idea for a family of products for a new lineup of electrical enclosures. C2rPDG went to work using our process for quickly laying out a series of new product looks that were also supported by preliminary costing for tooling and manufacturing. Based on this feedback the best direction was chosen for ease of assembly, part count, cost and overall quality.

With more than 20 product configurations, our challenge was to layout and plan for multiple changes while maintaining an extremely tight timeline and budget. A big part of our success came from getting into prototypes early in order to understand component assembly and how it affected UL requirements, production and assembly. Ultimately this family of offerings will allow our client to meet the changing requirements of their customers for years to come without having to retool/re-design. C2rPDG provided Industrial Design, Engineering, Detailing, Prototyping and Show Quality Models and Production Tooling and Mold costing to meet our client needs.



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