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Mobile Anesthesia Machine Redesign


For many of our clients product styling, coupled with cost reduction are two of the main factors in driving the success of new product introductions. Our team of designers and engineers worked closely with the clients technical, marketing and management teams to visualize and ultimately realize this improved product offering. The benefits that come with drastic improvements to the overall appeal of a redesigned product can be many but the main one is in how that drives customer response in a relevant and meaningful way which positively affects the bottom line.

The foreground images show the new product in contrast to what the product previously offered customers. The newly designed mobile anesthesia machine is intended to fill a global market niche for cost sensitive regions and has been well received. A large part of the program required adherence to current production capabilities with the real challenge being to take the existing product; give it a completely new and improved look while reducing costs and without making changes to the underlying production framework. C2rPDG rose to the challenge knocking this one out of the park with the input from our client being very positive and appreciative of the innovative design work completed and the fact that C2rPDG provided the best value for this development effort.

Development services included: researching industry trends, competitive offerings, ergonomics, industrial design/styling, sourcing, project management, CAD modeling, engineering, analysis, prototyping and build/assembly of initial units. Much effort was directed toward validating the design against alternative manufacturing processes to ensure that the design was fully vetted from an aesthetic and manufacturability perspective.

“In showing our client how easily the C2rPDG team can integrate with internal teams and external suppliers, while helping to reduce not only manufacturing but development costs as well, we have solidified yet another long term partnership built upon a high level of customer service, supported by our CAN DO philosophy.



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