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Ocular Sample Collector

ocular sample collector

In today’s world the early detection of disease can minimize the impact of health issues on patients and the costs associated with medical care. Portable and disposable testing devices are becoming mainstream tools on the front lines for combating infectious disease.

This new ocular sample collection device is intended for use by clinicians and medical staff for the testing and identification of a variety of viral illneses at the early stages. This early stage detection will allow the patient to recieve care while preventing the spread of illness to others and will greatly reduce the detection accuracy and costs compared to current methods. C2rPDG assisted our client with follow on design to optimize the product functionality and to address a series of issues that helped to improve product acceptance. Once the design was complete we built prototype-production bridge tooling for sampling and line trial studies. This gave our client the needed components molded from production materials allowing them to complete their industry testing and approval process. In addition we also worked with our clients production molder to identify the necessary changes required to update existing production tooling while minimizing the cost and time impacts.



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