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Eye Liner


To be successful, innovative package development requires a high level of experience and diverse background in product development and manufacturing. The reasons are many but we are normally designing at accelerated rates bringing multiple products to market in tandem and each one has its own requirements for structure, thin wall molding, functionality, style/brand imaging and a host of other challenges during the process.

The Eye Liner product is just one of many products that Cosmolab relied on our team for full development from concept to production. We were challenged with rethinking this product type while integrating new technology that would provide our client with a market leading package that solved the problem where consumers would throw away the product while it still contained product. Many packages of this type do not feed the silicone based eye liner product in a way that prevents clogging, drying, clumping and other issues. Our experience in the development of dispensing systems and materials selection was key to solving the problems faced by the end customers and eliminated product complaints. C2rPDG provided concept development, engineering, CAD modeling, detailing, prototyping, tooling and molding services in support of our very happy client and were awarded numerous follow on projects because of the results acheived from this high profile program.



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