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Electrical Test Enclosure


As part of a custom cabinet design for this electronic test cabinet C2rPDG provided our client with the means to quickly design and build a “one off” enclosure in record time. Our client is a premier design and manufacturing company for electrical and electronic controls and enclosures and they came to us with an immediate need to develop this test cabinet based on only a few parameters.

We knew that the very short timeline would be a challenge but not outside the norm of what we do for our clients every day. The project included full layout of the cabinet producing CAD models and drawings. We utilized one of our partner resources to produce all of the sheetmetal components and also to fully seam weld the enclosure to meet NEMA4 specs. To finish the cabinet off we powder coated this 7’x3’x7′ double door enclosure and installed all door seals and locking handle/hardware delivering the finished cabinet to our client in just over 2 weeks from concept to lab. Just another example of what we can accomplish for our clients when relying on our “can do” approach to each and every project.



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